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Come in and get a free quote for your custom piece!
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Call Us! (760) 726-1670
Come in and get a free quote for your custom piece!
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Custom Design – CAD Designer On Site

With over 40 years of fabricating experience, we are able to create a unique custom design piece for you according to your ideas and specifications. Our experienced and creative CAD designers can also recreate any jewelry that you might have seen on Instagram, Pinterest, a magazine or even a picture of a lost piece that you wish to have again!

Our designer will be glad to discuss your options with you and give you estimated costs for your own creation. We have done all kinds of jewelry ranging numerous engagement rings, wedding bands, and pinky rings, all the way to bracelet links, name necklaces, customized lockets and more! Check out some of our more intricate designs at our Custom Design Gallery


Most homeowners’ insurance policies that cover jewelry will require a professional appraisal of your pieces in order to cover you. We can provide those appraisals for any piece of jewelry you may have, at a cost of $75-$150 (depending on the jewelry itself), and offer volume discounts for those of you migrating you whole collection onto an insurance plan!

We can also provide formal written appraisals on all forms of jewelry and fine timepieces for estate tax evaluation, value comparison, casualty loss, as well as collateral and barter purposes.

If you just have a piece of jewelry and wish to have a ballpark figure of what it’s worth, we offer free verbal consultations to anyone stopping by!

Watch Repair

Wristwatches are a dying breed, and we will fight tooth and nail before we see them go. Bring in your sentimental timepiece from your high school graduation, company retirement, or anything in between!

We provide expert watch repair on all brand watches with quartz, mechanical or automatic movements. Watch batteries are changed on premises while you wait. For all water-resistant watches, we can also reseal all airtight gaskets and test the seal in our pressure tester.

We also provide service for more complex movements in all luxury timepieces such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Phillipe.

Repair & Restore

At the core of our passion for retail services is allowing a customer to feel good about wearing the jewlery that’s closest to their heart! We offer all repair services for your heirloom and other pieces right on premises.

Our services include ring sizing, replacing entire ring shanks, rebuilding prongs and channels, resetting stones onto new prongheads, refinishing of silver, gold and platinum, antiquing, restringing pearl strands, providing chain shortening, lengthening or clasp replacement, welding wedding sets together, and our personal favorite: re-rounding any rings that went through the wash (or lawn mower).

Stop by at your leisure to get a quote on restoring your jewelry!